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WhiteSpider - Free + open source (FOSS) browser unblocking community

WhiteSpider is a 100% free unblocked website designed for school or office users who are restricted from accessing certain websites. We host and maintain this website because we believe everyone should have the freedom to do whatever they like to do.

Due to lack of maintainers and financial support, it has not been updated in the recent months. As a result, we are losing users and reputation currently, making the project more difficult to continue.

Therefore if you are a developer and wish WhiteSpider to become more stable and featured in the future, please consider contributing to the source code. (We really need maintainers currently)

If you are not good at coding but would like to make a contribution, you can share this website with people around you, which would be helpful on increasing the clicking rate and search engine ranking.

Mirror Links

Google Site Embed Mirrors

(Hint: You can also create your own mirror link on Google Sites using embed code)

Standalone Mirrors

(These links might not work if whitelist restriction mode is used)

Note: Using official mirror links is no longer recommended as they could easily get blocked.

As a workaround, we strongly recommend you to use data URL (for bypassing browser extensions) or self host mirror links using embed code (Google Sites) or GitHub Pages.

Important Notice: Do NOT trust mirror links shared by others online. Ads and malicious code could be injected, putting you into security risks.

Data URL

Using a data URL is a new way of bypassing the restrictions set by browser extensions.

If you don't know how to use it, just copy and paste the code below to the address bar, and press enter.


Data URLs work exactly the same as File or HTTP(S) URLs, which can be opened directly in a new tab. Unlike HTTP(S) URLs, they are privileged in Chromium-based browsers (including Chrome, Edge), which means most browser extensions are not allowed to modify the contents of these pages.

History Hiding

Press Ctrl+H to toggle tab cloaking.

Press Ctrl+Q to leave this page without history.

Note: The function provided above is a very basic way of hiding history, which might not work if the page is embedded or a special policy is set to your browser.


* Games with 'USER' label are added by users with the button below. They have not been verified by the developers, and so there's no guarantee they would work or not.
Disclaimer: All games listed on this site are collected from other popular websites, for making them accessible to restricted users. If copyright violations occurred, please email [email protected]. We will resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Apps / Tools


YouTube Unblocked

Notice: YouTube Unblocked uses Google's free API to get search results, which is limited to 10000 requests per day. When it reaches the limit, an error message like 'quota exceed' would be shown, and the search function would no longer work.

As a workaround for this error, we recommend you to create and use your own API key. To do so, follow the steps below:

- Login with your personal Google account and go to Google Cloud Console.

- Create or select an existing project.

- In 'APIs & Services' section, click 'library'.

- Search for 'YouTube Data API v3' and enable it.

- Go back to 'APIs & Services' section, then click 'credentials'.

- Click 'create credentials' at the top and select 'API key'.

- Fill in your API key below to use it.

Private Search

Debug Console (for advanced users only)



Submit a game

Before you click the 'submit' button, please read through the rules below:
1. The game URL must be a valid HTML page. Other contents (eg. SWF file) are not allowed.
2. The page must be able to embed with a '<embed>' or '<iframe>' tag. (without a 'X-Frame-Options' header)
3. The game must be able to play within the frame. If you are unsure, test it with Google Sites' embed function before submitting here.
4. No copyright violations.
Failure to follow the rules above may result your game being removed by the moderators.

Once your game is submitted successfully, it will be displayed beneath the preloaded games with a 'USER' label. You cannot edit or remove the game info after submitting.

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